Chandelier at a wedding – ideas and stylish choices

Your style and taste preferences can be emphasized with many elements of the banquet hall decor, but especially the chandelier will help you in this.

By renting a chandelier for your wedding, you will create a special and unique atmosphere at your celebration of the soul. With the help of this element for your decoration, you will be able to emphasize all the elegance and beauty of the event.

wedding chandelier

What is the best chandelier to choose for a wedding?

When choosing a chandelier for your wedding, consider its style and the overall style of the whole wedding, because chandeliers can be very diverse.

If your wedding is going to be a rustic style wedding, it would be best to choose a beautiful chandelier with crystal pendants or glass beads.  Also, your chandelier for your wedding can be with fresh flowers, this shade will match the key color of your wedding.

Also, additional sources can be not only a chandelier, but also just light fixtures and small bulbs. By the way, the chandelier for the wedding can be used not only in the banquet hall.

Often they hang them in the wedding tent in nature. Such an element of decor can mark the place of the marriage registration, the recreation area or the place for your wedding film. Also, the image of the chandelier can be placed in your invitation card, because wedding chandeliers are the trend of the season.

But there are different kinds of chandeliers, and most likely you don’t know what you want yet yourself.

So, we offer you 10 ideas to decorate your chandelier and completely transform it.

So, the ideas themselves and types of chandeliers for decoration:

  1. Forest driftwood.  Such interesting and such natural curves of driftwood lines will add sophistication to your wedding, making it a bit of country style. By the way, to make this arrangement look even better, add glass balls and candles to it.
  2. Floral wreaths. In fact, sometimes you complicate things so much that it is difficult to imagine something very beautiful and simple. In fact, everything is much simpler! If you hang floral wreaths on the rim of an ordinary chandelier, securing it with a wide satin ribbon, it will be a very unusual effect that will amaze you!
  3. Marine theme. Believe me, the nautical theme will NEVER be exhausted. And it’s not just a trivial combination of white and blue stripes. If your wedding chandelier will be in the form of a light sailboat, floating in the air, your wedding will immediately take on an originality of a decoration.
  4. Forest lights. What could be more romantic than light flickering in the woods? And if you combine the branches of trees and some greenery, using as a frame the most simple chandelier, you get a very interesting element for the decor.
  5. Vintage window. Believe me, vintage is always on trend, even if it’s not shouted about in all the corners, as it often is with all the new products on the market today. To add a little vintage, take an old window, paint the frame, add yellow and orange leaves and candles (put them on top). And what do we get? A gorgeous chandelier that no one else will have for sure.
  6. Feathers. If your wedding happens to be Art-Decor style, this chandelier is perfect for your wedding. To make it, it will be enough to cut all the feathers beautifully, in a uniform shape, and paint them with gray paint and gold glitter on the ends.
  7. Airy lightness with notes…this is a very specific piece of decor. It looks stunning with lots of fresh flowers: peonies, pink tea roses and little yellow ones. But the hoops have holes drilled in them, in which stand…that’s right, a test tube. Pretty specific, but beautiful.
  8. Industrial style chandelier. If you want an industrial style wedding chandelier, you can make or rent one. They often look simple, but very beautiful.
  9. Wooden box. Even such a simple, unremarkable object can be decorated so that you will be aghast and will not believe that this beautiful chandelier was made of a wooden box, bulbs “candles” and flowers. The box will serve as the base and the flowers, bulbs and crystals will complete the look and make your wedding chandelier inimitable.
  10. Green Gardens. This is a round shaped chandelier that has green hanging ivy greenery attached to the rim, with bulbs peeking out between that greenery. This version of a wedding chandelier emphasizes the high ceilings of the room.

These chandeliers can make your own or bring a photo to special workshops that will gladly help you.