Decorating a wedding with fabric: modern trends, the best ideas

In the wedding industry, all the time there are regularly innovative ideas, because many newlyweds want their holiday to be the most interesting and memorable. However, the time-tested classics don’t give up their positions. Take, for example, decorating the banquet hall with fabrics: such decor always looks presentable and beautiful.

Where are the textile decorations used at weddings?

To this question so begs the answer: “Yes, everywhere, if to approach to registration creatively and with imagination”. More often than not, fabrics decorate:

  • tables;
  • chairs;
  • stairs;
  • stage;
  • the entrance to the hall;
  • arches and columns;
  • walls (especially the part behind the newlyweds).

You can order the decoration of the venue by professionals. In this case, several options will be offered, you will be able to choose the most suitable to your taste and the overall wedding concept. Also, you can completely take the design of the hall into your own hands, enlisting the support of your loved ones – it is not easy, but very interesting.


Tablecloths are the classics that were mentioned at the beginning of the article. Perhaps, it is hardly possible to present the really worthy alternative to the table cloths. And it would seem: what is so complicated about this decoration? You will understand it when you are faced with choosing a tablecloth among the textile variety in color, texture and shape.

First, you should decide on the shade, it must be in harmony with the stylistics of the wedding, as well as with the interior design of the restaurant

For example, if the hall is decorated in blue or blue, brown (chocolate) should not be combined with it clearly: you must either select other textiles, or look for another institution for the celebration.

Next, you must choose the texture of the fabric, it must be:

  • dense;
  • Non-slip on the surface of the table;
  • quality;
  • holding shape well.

According to these criteria, you can be offered quite a lot of options. Feel, look, and choose the fabric that you like best. By the way, shiny tablecloths embroidered with sequins, soft velvet and light lace are in trend at modern weddings.

The textiles do not have to be monochrome. On the contrary, the tablecloths with different ornaments and a contrasting combination of colored fabrics look very effective. The layering also looks interesting.

Do not forget to match the tablecloth with the napkins: they should not merge in color, but do not make them too bright either

decorating a wedding with fabric

How to decorate chairs with the fabric?

The chair drapery should match the color and texture of the tablecloth. Usually from the same fabric as for the table, covers are sewn, which are then decorated. As decorations, you can choose bows of contrasting colors or flowers.

However, you can do without the covers, there are much less expensive and time-consuming ways to decorate chairs with fabrics. For example, you can simply tie a wide textile ribbon around the back, and then decorate it with a floral arrangement or some bright pompom.

Decorating stairs

This implies the decoration of the railing with fabric. As a rule, light fabric is used: crystalline, organza, tulle, capron.

The longer the staircase, the greater the meterage of textiles that will be needed to decorate it. The fabric is attached to the railing in several places so that there are puffy sagging, and then decorated with flowers, ribbons, balloons and other accessories.

The decoration does not have to be of one strip of fabric, a combination of different colors and textures of fabrics looks interesting.

Scene, arches and columns

Some architectural features of the room should be hidden, or, on the contrary, emphasized by decorating them with fabric.

For example, if the room has columns, decorate them in any of the following ways:

  • Drape only the top of the column;
  • If two columns are next to each other, connect them with fabric to make an arch;
  • Hang the fabric like a curtain and then tie it around the column in the middle;
  • Wrap the column in a spiral from top to bottom.

If the stage is to be used during the event, special attention should be paid to it!

Just hanging, like curtains, from the ceiling curtains look boring and uninteresting, they at least need to be decorated with bows, balloons or flowers. Also, creative looks fabric in the form of a silhouette of the bride in a magnificent dress. To do this, you will need to pull the fabric down the middle or just below (in the “waist”), stretch the bottom and fix it – you get a hem. And then it is a matter of imagination: with the help of paper make the head and arms.

Often at weddings you can see arches: these constructions not only look solemn, but also symbolize heaven, that is, the blessing of the young family from above. Most often in their design there are again fabrics. The fabric for the arch must necessarily be light and light, like clouds, it can simply descend from top to bottom, sag slightly, or tightly envelope the frame.

The walls of the banquet hall.

It is possible, of course, to drape the entire perimeter of the room with cloth, but most often only the part of the wall behind the newlyweds is decorated. There is no limit to creativity and imagination here: make complex weaves of colorful fabrics, form all kinds of figures from them, for example, swans, gather lush roses. Supplement the composition can be balloons, LED garlands, fresh flowers, inscriptions, shiny rings, imitating wedding rings, butterflies from paper or cardboard.

Finally, take a few more helpful tips for creating wedding decor with fabrics.

Choose the fabric for the decoration depending on what effect you want to achieve.

Remember that light shades visually expand the space, while dark shades, on the contrary, narrow it. Take this fact into consideration when choosing colors for textiles.

Choosing the color of tablecloths (tablecloths, napkins, chair covers) you should also take into account the shades of tableware. White, gold and milk are universal and will suit absolutely any set.

By the way, napkins are a detail not only for aesthetics and hygiene, but also for additional table decoration. From them you can make elegant bows, flowers, swans, ships and many other interesting items.

Before buying, calculate the necessary amount of material, buy the fabric with a small reserve.

Be sure to ask the restaurant in advance what types of decor fasteners you will be allowed.

It is worth reminding here that the fabric is a flammable material. To ensure that the celebration went without emergencies, think carefully about fire safety.

Fabric for wedding interior designers is a real wand. With the help of textiles to any, even the most modest and unsightly room can give a festive and solemn look. It is not necessary to resort to the help of specialists, especially now you know a lot of ideas how to decorate the hall with beautiful fabrics. Add your imagination to these inspiring tips and go ahead. Have fun!