Decorating a wedding with fabric: the main nuances, useful tips from the stylist

Textiles – this is a classic option for decorating the banquet hall or a platform on which the wedding reception will take place, the same as the decoration of the wedding with flowers. Draperies can be seen on the walls and ceiling, traditionally textiles make an arch for the young people over the table, capes on chairs, smart tablecloths, curtains and stoles. Thanks to competent compositions, it is possible to turn even a modest cafĂ© into a luxurious hall, to give the room the desired style, to hide small flaws. Decorating a wedding with fabric is not such a difficult science, experienced stylists are ready to tell about the main points and little secrets of beautiful and modern wedding decorating with fabric.

General recommendations

These simple rules will greatly simplify your own decorating of the hall with fabric.

  1. Be aware of the color scheme. If you want to do a wedding in green, but the walls of the beloved institution are painted red, it will be easier to do the wedding in red than to drape scarlet walls in emerald tulle. Or look for a restaurant with a neutral-colored hall.
  2. Ask the administration of the restaurant if they have any special textiles for solemn occasions, and if so, what kind of textiles. If it doesn’t suit you, warn them that you will have your own draperies – and, accordingly, include the purchase of textiles in your list of costs.
  3. Many couples enthusiastically draw sketches of how to drape the stairs, walls and ceilings in the banquet hall restaurant – and the penultimate day it turns out that in the institution it is forbidden. So clarify in advance and this question too.
  4. Think through the budget issue. What will you do later with all those draperies and napkins? Keep in mind the fact that after the wedding dinner, they will hardly retain their original form and be suitable for re-use.
  5. Purchase textiles with a reserve. Something is bound to break, something will be missing somewhere, or you will change your plans. It is better to have some organza or batiste, from which you can sew beautiful curtains for your new home, than to run around the salons at the last minute and look for another piece of exactly the same fabric.
decorating a wedding with fabric

Tables and chairs

The most important table at the wedding reception, or as wedding salon designers say, the presidium, is easiest to highlight with flowers. It is desirable that the tablecloth on the table of the newlyweds contrasted with the tablecloths of the guest tables. In this season, such options are in fashion:

  • neat tablecloths made of thick natural fabrics with a zigzag pattern – “chevron”. Such a variant is suitable for weddings in the style of eco, country, rustic;
  • a refined and aristocratic white lace. And do not think that such decor is appropriate only for a classic celebration, delicate openwork looks very stylish and beautiful on rough wood;
  • heavy silk embroidered with gold, black, blue or red sequins. In this case, be careful with other accessories – such a fabric should not be repeated anywhere else in the decoration of the hall, except in the decoration of the wall behind the table of the young, otherwise the whole effect will fade;
  • stripey tablecloths or with a print – if you do not believe that you can choose the right pattern or design, it is better to choose a single-colored tablecloth;
  • three-dimensional details on tablecloths – flowers, pleats, tassels and flounces. It looks very delicate and romantic.

A little secret from the designer, how to emphasize the color scheme of the wedding and harmoniously decorate the hall with a tablecloth: choose napkins in tone. Operon is a wide strip of fabric, which is placed in the center of the table. Look original delicate lace operon on a rough tablecloth of burlap. Or a bright strip of fabric on a snow-white tablecloth. A classic is to match the tone of the napkins and bows on the chairs.

But if you have chosen eye-catching operons with sequins or prints, you should not hang draperies of the same fabric on the chairs. By the way, on a wooden table, you can put a operon without a tablecloth, it looks very stylish and original. Or use if the restaurant has its own beautiful tablecloths.

The napkins deserve special attention. In the photo in magazines, it looks very beautiful when the plates are originally folded napkins in the tone of the tablecloth, contrasting the color of the tablecloth. But remember that the napkin is primarily a functional, not decorative item, if it is in sequins or starched lace, it will not be very comfortable to wipe your hands and face after the banquet.

Chairs are always decorated with fabric in the tone of the tablecloth and the general color scheme of the hall. It is not necessary to drape them completely in covers, there are such options:

  • half covers;
  • hats;
  • bows or ribbons.

There are many color combinations. Bows and ribbons can match in color and texture with the tablecloth, napkins on the table or be in the tone of the tablecloth. The most important thing is not to violate the overall color block.

Walls, stairs, terraces.

Many couples would like to drape not only the window openings and walls in the hall, but also the ceilings. This is quite possible, if they are not very high and you have at least some skills with fabrics and fasteners. Otherwise, it is better not to risk your health before the wedding, and to entrust all high-altitude work to professionals. Especially in the midst of the celebration, you don’t want everything that you built the day before to fall off the ceiling on the heads of your guests.

If the restaurant has two floors or there is a staircase in the hall, it would be very nice to drape it. Usually the fabric is placed in beautiful folds on the railing and between them, in the places of assembly are attached flowers, the same as in the compositions on the tables or ribbons. Similarly, you can decorate the terrace gazebo or an arch for the newlyweds at the check-out.

Correctly selected and beautifully draped textiles at the wedding will always help to create the right atmosphere, to emphasize the solemnity and romanticism of the event. You can practice in advance the creation of beautiful compositions, and if you feel that you can’t cope – simply call the wedding salon and express all your wishes. The services of professionals will cost more, but you will get the wedding of your dreams.