Hawaiian Wedding: Scenes, Decorations, and Attire for Your Biggest Party Ever

A constant party atmosphere, bright, sunny days, good-natured people and sunburned surfers – for most, these are the associations that arise at the mention of the Hawaiian Islands. Many strive to visit this unique place at least once, and once visited it once, can never get it out of their memory and heart. A wedding in the Hawaiian style is saturated with the spirit of freedom, youth and energy.

Features of the celebration in the style of a bright party

Hawaii is this U.S. state located on an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Among them are both inhabited and wild, with pristine, unique nature. In Hawaii, you can find clubs with youth parties, white or black sand beaches, active volcanoes, ancient ruins, tropical gardens and much more. It is a place with a multifaceted culture and centuries-old traditions that have left their mark on the indigenous population.

Despite all the diversity of the Hawaiian Islands, for many it is a symbol of constant partying, fun and carefree life. These are the principles behind themed celebrations, including weddings.

The advantage of the Hawaiian style in this case is that the organization of the celebration will not require large financial expenses, it can be planned on a budget.

If the bride and groom want to create a truly Hawaiian wedding, they should learn about the traditions of the place. One interesting custom recommends that the bride on the eve of the wedding gather 1001 cranes in the origami technique.

These birds symbolize good luck and long life together. In addition, the girl will be able to reflect in a relaxed atmosphere on the topic of marriage and her responsibilities as a wife.

The wedding in the style of “Hawaii” also has its own peculiarities. Guests gather in their seats, the groom waits for his beloved at the altar, then a trumpeter announces her arrival. When the girl comes out to her future spouse, the singer begins to perform a composition that tells a romantic story of love and devotion.

Before taking the bride and groom’s vows of eternal love and fidelity, the master of ceremonies binds their hands with leis.

When the ceremony has taken place, these garlands are released downstream into the water as a tribute to the ancestors. When the leis return to shore, the newlyweds can consider that their relatives have blessed their union and wished for family happiness.

Hawaiian style wedding decorations involve a riot of colors, even if it is not held in this paradise place, always accompanied by a storm of emotion.

Such a celebration is always filled with lights, flowers, gourmet food and cocktails. The newlyweds-to-be have to create a unique atmosphere of lightness, ease and freedom.


The ideal option for a wedding in the Hawaiian style is on the beach in the summer. It is not necessary to arrange the celebration on the seashore, though this will make the wedding most harmonious and consistent with the theme.

Any sandy area near a pond and bright nature will do. If the newlyweds decided to arrange an offsite wedding ceremony, they need to arrange an altar and an arch made of flowers, large green leaves or light fabrics, preferably to do this directly by the water.

The path to the wedding venue can be lined with flower petals. Simple beach chairs for guests should be placed on either side of this path.

There will be no problems with the preparation of the buffet area. Wooden tables and chairs can be placed directly on the beach, it is not even necessary to set up tents if the whole day is expected to be good weather. You can even organize a stylized bar, where the bartender will serve guests delicious cocktails in shaped glasses, coconut shells or pineapple peels. You need to think about the lighting – pendant lanterns or standing torches will do.

If there is no beach in the city where the party will be held, there is another option – to rent a country house with a swimming pool. This will be convenient for guests as well, because after the celebration everyone can be accommodated in the rooms, without having to drive back to the city late at night.

The space in this case is decorated in the same way as the beach. Flower petals, confetti, lilies or even Hawaiian-style toy boats can be launched into the pool.

If the celebration is scheduled for the cold season, you can find a restaurant or bar in the city, stylized as Hawaii.

If this option is not possible, you will need to rent any suitable banquet hall and decorate it accordingly.

To do this, you can show your imagination or use the following standard ideas:

  • hang garlands of fresh or artificial flowers;
  • arrange pots with large, palm-like plants such as a bocarnaia or a dracena;
  • decorate the space with seashells, corals, starfish, and fishing nets;
  • lay out flowers and fruit on tables in specific compositions, such as a pyramid shape;
  • coconut shells and palm leaves can be used in serving;
  • light-colored tablecloths with bright patterns can be laid on the tables, or the furniture can be left uncovered;
  • hang leis on chairs instead of the usual bows;
  • to use more flowers, ribbons, light fabrics and balloons in the decorations.

In decorating the banquet space, it is better to use a combination of calm shades with bright ones. From the first category, peach, pink, golden and sandy tones will be most appropriate for a Hawaiian wedding. Bright accents can be made in the form of turquoise, red, orange or purple elements.

Hawaiian wedding


Since the celebration will be themed, you need to make invitation cards for guests, and in the same style as the wedding itself.

Invitations should be bright colors, and you can emphasize the belonging to Hawaii by using appropriate symbols – images or volumetric applications of lei, surfboards, seagulls, coral, seashells and other marine elements.

If this option seems too simple, you can create cards romantically, depicting a silhouette of a girl and a young man against the background of the setting sun on the seashore.

Another option is to insert a joint photo of the bride and groom in matching outfits on the invitation card. Invitations should include not only the date, time and location of the celebration, but also that it will be themed. If you wish, you can advise the invitees on the particular clothing options. So, guests can prepare in advance for the wedding to blend in with the overall atmosphere.

Images of the newlyweds and guests

As Hawaii is freedom, openness and relaxedness, the classic wedding dress code at the themed celebration will be inappropriate. The bride should replace the usual bouffant “princess” dresses with simpler styles sewn from light, flowing fabrics. If a Hawaiian style wedding is planned, clothing can incorporate the traditional canons of the islands. Pick a white fitted straight-cut dress that’s knee-length or slightly lower. You can also use a veil to create the look, but it should be light and flowing.

If the celebration will be held at the beach or by the pool outdoors, and the bride is not afraid of bold decisions and experiments, she can wear a traditional Hawaiian outfit – a grass skirt and a swimsuit in the form of coconut shells.

To such an image will not need to pick up shoes, an additional accessory will be only a lei around the neck. If the budget of the future newlyweds is limited, the bride can dress in an ordinary swimsuit, tying a pareo in the manner of a skirt.

Complement the image of a Hawaiian girl can be with additional accents. The hair should be simple – go with loose curls or light styling. Be sure to use a large living bud, weaving it into the hair. As for the bouquet, it should be a simple shape, but a bright color.

Orchids, magnolias, hibiscuses and lilies are ideal for creating a composition, it is better to make a combination of only one plant. Complement the bouquet can be palm or fern leaves. And for a Hawaiian wedding, you can not make a bouquet, as the bride will already be a flower arrangement – lei.

The groom should choose his outfit, guided by the choice of the bride. If she preferred a wedding dress, then he should wear a suit, you can pick up a style of casual. Light shades, light fabrics and a straight cut are best for a Hawaiian wedding. The shirt should be a light color with short sleeves.

If the bride decided to appear at the wedding in a swimsuit, then the groom should match her. He can choose a traditional Hawaiian outfit, the same as the bride, or wear light shorts and a colored shirt.

Outfits for guests should be discussed in advance, it is advisable to specify the specifics of the event and the dress code in the invitation. Women can wear summer sundresses in bright colors with floral prints or swimsuits combined with a pareo.

Male guests, like the groom, can dress in light beach suits or shorts with a Hawaiian shirt. A Hawaiian style wedding involves some leeway. This applies to the attire of the future spouses and their guests.

Scenario and contests

The scenario of the wedding in the Hawaiian style does not provide a special plot, as the theme itself suggests relaxed, natural and free-spirited. In order not to bore the guests, it is desirable to organize themed contests and entertainment in the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

A characteristic entertainment at the wedding, organized in such a theme, will be a game of Limbo. Its rules are simple: a rope is stretched between two trees (it can be replaced by a decorated stick, which will be held by two people from different sides), the participants take turns passing under it, bending back if necessary. With each new pass, the height of the rope or stick is reduced. All of this should take place to rousing music, and the winner gets a prize.

Another appropriate entertainment is a general master class for all in attendance, teaching the traditional Hawaiian dance, the hula. Girls and boys perform quick but fluid movements with their arms and hips to energetic music, mimicking the waves, wind and underwater atmosphere.

More tips

Despite the fact that a wedding in the Hawaiian style is quite simple to design and organize, even with minimal cost, you need to think about all the details. In order for the celebration to turn out exactly as the bride and groom conceived it, everything must be in harmony with each other. It is recommended to pay attention to the following organizational moments:

  • The motorcade. For a Hawaiian wedding it is difficult to choose appropriate cars, because, if we follow the theme, everyone should walk or sail on boats. Such options are rarely appropriate, so the motorcade can be made up of any cars, decorating them with many single flowers or wreaths.
  • Menu. Hawaii has a special cuisine. On the wedding table can be different types of fish (salmon will do well) and seafood – lobsters, shrimp, crabs or oysters. Hot dishes for such a celebration are not provided, but if necessary, they can be selected to your taste. Of fruit, you should choose pineapples, coconuts, kiwi, mangoes and oranges.
  • The main dessert of the celebration should be sure to be bright, light and delicious. It can use fruit, whipped cream and airy cream. The top can be decorated with figures of newlyweds with leis or surfboards.
  • Preparing the place for the celebration. Since the atmosphere on many beaches is far from ideal, 1-2 days before the planned event, it is worth to visit the selected site and conduct a general cleaning – to throw out all the trash and unsightly snags.
  • Musical accompaniment. At a Hawaiian wedding there should be a lot of dancing, so it’s better to pick fiery guitar music, typical of this state. You can invite a musician with a ukulele to the celebration to create a lively atmosphere.

If you approach the organization of the holiday with soul and imagination, the guests and the newlyweds will remember the wedding in the Hawaiian style for a long time, the photos will be bright and original. Since the theme is specific, it may not come to the taste of the older generations, this point should be thought out in advance.

In general, weddings in the Hawaiian style are usually fun and bright, emotions overflow all present and evoke a sense of boundless freedom and ease.