Number for the wedding table: download templates, numbers, plates to make their own hands

At a wedding event with a number of guests exceeding 30 people, it is quite difficult to organize the movement of invitees.

Because of the problems associated with this, there are both failures in the festive program, and minor misunderstandings. To avoid them, install a number on the table at the wedding, which helps guests to find their place in the hall, focusing on the seating plan.

A beautifully decorated plate with a number can also serve as a souvenir for the guests. It’s easy enough to make one yourself using a ready-made template.

The numbering of tables at the wedding

Wedding tables can be numbered in different ways. Often this is done with cardboard cards of different colors, shapes, sizes. There are no restrictions or regulations on this. They can be made in the form of rectangles, circles and a variety of shapes.

Numbers are hung as garlands, put in the book, hung with thread or string, sewn or glued to tablecloths, put on legs, or spread on dishes. People with a rich imagination in this case, as a rule, there are no problems. The result of creativity is original, exclusive plates. It is possible, for example, to make numbers in the same style as the seating cards.

Modern weddings are quite often held in different styles, such as gothic, retro of different periods, traditional national, characters from different movies and others. If the event is conceived to hold in this way, it is necessary to make and rooms, respectively, the selected style. This will give harmony to the celebration.

Numbering tables can be done in an original and effective way. The ideas below will help you with this.

number for the wedding table

Volumetric digits

This kind of license plates are made of metal, cardboard, wood, plastic, decorating them with sequins, natural materials and rhinestones.

Cardboard or wooden plates with numbers

Cards made of cardboard or wood, framed with decorative supports and in other ways, look beautiful. On the wooden surface numbers are nailed, burned, cut out, drawn.

Numbers on bottles

As numbers are well suited for ordinary or decorative bottles of wine, vodka, champagne and other drinks. Numbers are put on them with chalk, paint, marker or sticking as a label. The bottles are used to make entire compositions.

Numbers on a stone

Effectively, look at the organization of the celebration in the ecological style numbers written on sea pebbles of small size, or laid out on the surface of the table (on a saucer) with small stones.

Figures on fabric

Numbers embroidered or glued on fabric, or even painted, will suit any celebration. That said, the “notes of contributed handwork” in preparation will only bring sophistication and self-satisfaction to the responsible event.

Numbers on the mirror or glass

The numbers on the mirror surface, written in marker or paint, look original and unique.

Without holding back your imagination, you can come up with many options for the design of license plates.

Lined with peaches, apples, apricots, or carved on pineapples, pumpkins, zucchini and other fruits, numbers involuntarily attract the attention of those present

Numbering the festive places can be carried out with the help of pots of flowers or bouquets. They are chosen by color that matches the overall style of the holiday. Numbers made in the form of three-dimensional numbers or tablets are placed inside on sticks or suspended with strings. Vases with flowers look spectacular. They additionally fill the banquet hall with fragrance.

The numbers carved in the books bring a touch of antiquity and aristocracy to the festive event.

As you can see from the above ideas, the numbers can not only indicate the right table, but also serve as its decoration. Only the decorator’s imagination limits the possible options.

Concluded inside a beautiful frame, license plates – it is always relevant. Unusual ways to create them involve the use of wood bark, leaves, seashells, piano keys and other handy materials.

How to make wedding table signs with your own hands: master class

Make with your own hands plates, or other signs for the numbering of tables is simple enough. Special skills, tools, materials are not required. It is enough to use improvised means.

Cards made of cardboard

Classic cards can be made very quickly. The work will require the presence of such tools and materials:

  • a set of colored paper;
  • cardboard sheet corresponding to the selected color of the shade;
  • beads, rhinestones, stones, sequins, sequins, or other decorations
  • satin or brocade ribbon;
  • regular, shaped scissors;
  • ruler, pencil;
  • double-sided tape;
  • glue.

The texture and density of cardboard and paper can be very different, just so the handicraft does not disintegrate.

The ribbon must match the color of the concept of the celebration.

The process of creation is as follows:

  • from sufficiently thick cardboard, cut a square with sides 10 cm long;
  • fold it in half with the help of a ruler;
  • print out the numbers of tables and the names of guests on colored paper;
  • carefully cut out the inscription from the sheet;
  • tape it to the front surface of the card;
  • cut off a piece of ribbon of the necessary length;
  • using matches or a lighter, burn the edges of the ribbon, so it won’t unravel and will look neat;
  • make a bow or some other way to arrange it, glue it to the paper;
  • decorate the ribbon with rhinestones, beads, etc. as desired.

The colors are very easy to pick up in the process. The ends of the ribbon can be hidden if necessary by gluing paper on the back of it. The resulting number is placed on the table.

The leftover material can be used to make plates with original inscriptions.

Putting numbers on bottles

For this variant, you will need:

  • a glass bottle from under various drinks;
  • a brush with paint or paper to create a label;
  • colored scotch tape;
  • cloth, leather or substitute;
  • scissors.

The work is done as follows:

  • print out paper labels containing the numbers or names of the tables;
  • then they are simply glued to the bottle.

You can also write the license plate in paint. To do this, the bottle is pre-painted in the desired color.

Look original container, covered with burlap, leather (substitute), with applied paint or embroidered numbers.

Figures on a vase

Effectively looks a vase, or candlestick as a pointer. Also for the work will need to use:

  • absorbent cotton and alcohol;
  • self-adhesive tape;
  • spray paint;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

To create this kind of decoration in the following way:

  • wipe the surface of a vase or candlestick with a absorbent cotton soaked in alcohol;
  • they cut out the necessary figures or a name from a film;
  • glue it on the vase;
  • paint the entire front surface;
  • only after it is completely dry, tear off the sticker.
  • also looks good in the reverse design: when the numbers are painted over, leaving a transparent background.

Work on the production of the considered options for making numbers for wedding tables will take from 20 minutes to an hour. Imagination is the basis of the process. The main thing is to make sure that what is created fits in with the style of the celebration.