Sweet table at weddings: selection of wedding cupcakes, gingerbread-men and cakes

It has become popular at wedding parties to set up sweet tables with all sorts of goodies. The sweets are usually baked in small sizes so that guests can take them comfortably. Cookies, pies, gingerbread or cupcakes can be an alternative to cake or act as a nice gift for invited people.

How to organize a sweet table?

The sweet table at the wedding is one of the important elements of the decoration of the festive hall. It is important to pay attention to its organization and take into account all the nuances, for example:

  • If the banquet will be in the form of a buffet, the sweet table should be placed between the main dishes and drinks;
  • The sweet table can be set in the guest welcome area at the reception;
  • If the restaurant has a separate zone where guests can relax between the rooms in the entertainment program, the table with sweets should be set exactly there;
  • The table should not be on the sunny side, so that sweets do not spoil;
  • the table must have a sufficient number of forks and napkins;
  • Sweets must be kept in the refrigerator, and on the table they should be set just before the arrival of guests.

Sweet compositions made in 2-3 colors look more effective than multicolored ones.

Decorating the sweet table at the wedding

The choice of sweets is huge, and its variety is easy to embody in a wedding party with a dessert table. Everyone’s childhood dream of an endless abundance of cakes, sweets and other goodies will come true.

What can be candy at the wedding:

  • marshmallows;
  • cupcakes;
  • cookies;
  • gingerbread;
  • cupcake pops;
  • candied fruits and berries;
  • sweet pies.

To make the sweets on the table look beautiful, there should be a central composition in the form of a tiered vase, bouquet of sweets or cake.

And in the cooler seasons, it is recommended to set a tea set next to it.

What should be on the tea table: coffee, tea, cream or milk. Guests will not have to wait until the common table is served tea, and can pour it themselves.

Between the various sweets, you should place small decorative elements. For example, paper garlands with the inscription “Happy Wedding Day!”, figurines in the form of doves or the bride and groom, cute little crafts. You can also put small craft paper bags on the dessert table, so guests can wrap sweets to take with them.

sweet wedding table

Wedding cupcakes, cakes and cupcake pops

The most popular desserts for the sweet table at a wedding remain small cakes – cupcakes. Unlike a cake, they do not require cutting and are made as personalized treats. Making cakes to order or with your own hands is everyone’s business. But a professional will be able to make a real work of art out of wedding cupcakes.

Cupcakes for a wedding look like cakes, they are decorated with cream, frosting, mastic and sugar sprinkles. Tender biscuit, melting in the mouth and delicious cream – such a cupcake will not leave any guest indifferent.

Cake pops are a new kind of cupcake. They look like a small cake made of sponge cake on a stick. Cake pops can be made in the form of different shapes, such as hearts, bride and groom, and cupid.

Muffins are a small round-shaped pastry with a delicious filling inside. It can be: berry, chocolate, with nuts and bananas, different fruits. Muffins are served in small paper trays.

A separate decoration on the dessert table can be an open tart with a berry filling. It is important to cut it into portions beforehand. 

Gingerbread and cookies at the wedding for the guests

A beautiful and convenient option for filling the wedding sweet table is cookies. It should be made in an unusual, romantic design. For example, decorate with numbers of the date of the holiday, different cute drawings: hearts, butterflies, rings.

Also, the cookies can be very different shapes: round, square or shaped. For example, like the Mexican wedding cookie with nuts. It is considered one of the most popular types of cookies for weddings.

Wedding gingerbread with the initials of the newlyweds is a great dessert that is suitable for weddings in any theme. They can be shaped, such as gingerbread bride and groom – looks fun and cute. It is also important that gingerbread products are long-lasting, so you can prepare them a little in advance of the wedding, rather than the day before.

By the way, the original gingerbread in tulle can be presented to the guests as a small sweet gift in gratitude for the fact that they came to share the joyous event of the bride and groom. Guests can take them home with them and treat themselves to them some time after the celebration.

What other sweets are served as dessert?

For a dessert table that doesn’t look empty, you should prepare an average of 4-5 items of sweets. In addition to cookies, gingerbread, and cupcakes, there are many other options for small sweets that are sure to please guest of all ages.

Children will surely like it if there is an ice cream cart near the sweet table. For this, you need to invite someone to fill the waffle cones with different kinds of ice cream and sweet toppings.

If you want to arrange an unusual sweet table, you can prepare an original pancake cake. It can be a great substitute for the traditional cake of sponge cake and cream. Especially, such a dessert would be suitable for a wedding, decorated in the rustic or chebby-chic style.

You can also make mini cakes of small pancakes, similar to pancakes. Decorate them with liquid chocolate or caramel, fresh berries and pieces of fruit and whipped cream – very tasty and non-trivial.

Its main ingredient is a delicate cottage cheese or cottage cheese, complemented by fruit, berries and chocolate. For adult guests, you can prepare cheesecake with liqueur.

Also on the dessert table can be present such bright sweets as:

  • marmalade;
  • marshmallows;
  • macaroons;
  • candy;
  • lollipops;
  • marshmallows;
  • halva.

Another chic idea for a dessert table is a chocolate fountain. It can be placed in the center of the table, and guests will choose fruit or other foods and dip them in liquid chocolate.

Wedding Cupcake

Back in the old days, the main decoration of the wedding table were pies with different fillings. Now many people are moving away from this tradition, preferring the European style of celebration. But wedding pastries can take their rightful place on the sweet table.

The center of the wedding sweet table with pastries can be a loaf. It is believed that this cake conveys to the newlyweds good wishes and blessings for a strong relationship in marriage.

The loaf is usually baked large in many layers. And on top it is decorated with pigtails, spikelets of wheat, molded from the dough. To complement the loaf on the sweet table you can have small buns in the form of cones or ducks, roses and cups with honey, jam or jam.

Chicken pie is another traditional wedding cake made of puff pastry or flaky dough, which is made in the form of a dome. The filling is usually made of meat, roasted mushrooms, rice and eggs, and it is divided inside the pie by thin layers of dough.

The wedding sweet table will not only be a beautiful addition to the overall decor of the celebration, but also an additional area for socializing guests. Almost everyone loves sweets, especially children and women, so the dessert table will not go unnoticed. If you show a little imagination, this way of serving dessert can be made into a separate small entertainment.