Wedding arch with their own hands: ideas and step-by-step instructions for making

Wedding arches are very popular in Europe and America. There they are put for the engagement or in the courtyard of their home, or somewhere on the seashore, or in any other picturesque place. In our country, arches have not yet gained such popularity. This is more due to the fact that the engagement is held in Registry Offices, and then a banquet is arranged at some restaurant. And weddings take place not only in summer, but also in winter. And you can’t put the arch outside at this time of year. However, if you think up some role for this attribute in the wedding scenario, then it will become a very important and beautiful element of this wonderful holiday – wedding.

In addition, the wedding arch can be put and over the place where the newlyweds will be at the table. The main thing is to choose the right size and shape of the arch and to decorate it in accordance with the general scheme of the wedding.

wedding arch

Choosing the appropriate form of the arch for the young couple

The arch is usually a construction on two supports. Such arches can have quite a variety of forms. This is a quadrangular arch, and horseshoe, and enfilade, as well as in the form of a heart. And this option is much more suitable for weddings. But it all depends on the material and application of the arch.

So, how to choose the form of the wedding arch?

  • Most often, the arch is still made in the form of a horseshoe. This form is made much easier and looks beautiful. Decorate the arches with flowers, fabric, bows, balloons and other materials.
  • The horseshoe design looks good with both fresh and artificial flowers. This form of arch symbolizes patronage and protection.
  • The rectangular arch symbolizes the strength of the family, its spiritual unity.
  • An enfilade is a multi-tiered arch consisting of arches going one after another, symbolizes a long and happy life.
  • And the heart-shaped arch symbolizes romance and falling in love.

The choice of arch depends on the organizers, how they come up with the scenario. But all kinds look good.

Or an enfilade. In this photo it consists of a few sections, but you can make the hallway longer.

So, there are no strict rules in choosing the shape of the arch, as well as in its decoration. The main thing is that it would not be too knocked out by the color scheme from the general background of the wedding.

As for the material, the arch can be made of wood, of pipes.

Making a wedding design out of wood

Before you start making an arch, it is necessary to determine its dimensions.

The optimal height is considered a little higher than the growth (meaning the height of the newlyweds, and therefore it is necessary to measure in advance and the bride and groom), and in width – through the arch should freely pass two people.

If you decide to make a wedding arch of wood, its shape would be better all the same rectangular. Here there is one trick: you can not think about the beauty of the tree, and even use a bar. If everything is beautifully draped with fabric, the wooden base will not be visible.

To make this arch, in addition to the timber, you can also use tree trunks, such as birch. It will turn out very beautiful, in such a romantic style.

Make such an arch is not difficult at all. You will need two long bars for support and the upper rung. The arch is made in the form of a gate and dug into the ground. Then it is decorated with conceived material.

If you do not dig an arch, and you just want to put it, then you need four bars for the racks and two horizontal bars that connect these bars. You get two U-shaped arches stacked together. It is simple but elegant.

If you use vines, you can make a horseshoe-shaped arch. Knock down the sides of the arch in the form of a ladder. After that, we wrap them with twigs.

And the last option of a wooden arch, perhaps the most creative. Find a horizontal tree trunk, attach a ladder to one side and decorate it. This is what you will get:

A beautiful flower arch.

A flower arch is an arch whose frame is made of wood or pipes, and it is decorated with flowers.

This variant of the arch is the most traditional for a take-away wedding. Since flowers are a fairly light material, the best frame would be either metal or openwork tubes, such as this one:

The flowers woven into the archway can be anything. But they should blend in with the overall style of the wedding. It is desirable that they would also like the bride.

If you use fresh flowers, they should be treated with a special composition. These are so-called tempered plants. As a result, they, attached to the arch for a long time, can keep their freshness. And water is not even needed.

Of course, if you are somewhat limited in funds, then the best option – artificial flowers. You can even make them yourself from paper.

But even purchased plastic plants will not only look good, they are easy to attach and vary as individual flowers and entire bouquets. To attach them, you will need duct tape, colored ribbons and fishing line.

The frame itself for the flower arch is also easy to make. To do this, take the necessary length of a tube and bend it into the shape of an arch. What would such an arch would stand necessary to take two small buckets, put in each of them the ends of the arch and pour cement.

Instead of buckets, you can use flower pots. But both they and the buckets will need to be decorated, so that they do not stand out.

Everything is very simple. The main thing is to stick to the algorithm: the size of the arch, the material and the decoration. As for the material. As already mentioned, the arch from the metal-plastic pipe is easier than the wooden one and it is much easier to assemble.

Wedding arch from metal plastic pipe step by step

To create an arch from metal plastic pipes, you need to buy two pipes, each 3.5 m long. The diameter of the pipe needs 2.5 cm.

If you do the arch in the form of a horseshoe, the pipe must be carefully bent in an arc. If the arch is made in the letter “U”, then you need to buy two corners, two pipes 2.4 m high and one piece long enough for two people to pass. The arch is collected on the corners.

Next, dilute cement and pour into pots or buckets. After that, we put the arch strictly in the center, plumb align the arch, so it would be horizontal.

Leave the arch for a week and a half, so that the cement would harden well. After that, you can start decorating.

There are other options for making the arch stable, if you do not want to dilute the cement. It is possible, from additional pieces of pipe, to make a rack for the arch.

Also, it is possible to adapt two metal sheets as a platform for the posts, and the arch itself to make a double one.

By the way, wedding arches in their structure are similar to the garden ones, and therefore they can be used later on the garden plot. And the assembly diagram of both wedding and garden arches is the same. Below is a drawing of the assembly of the arch from steel pipes, according to this scheme we do metal-plastic.

If you have enough time before the wedding, the arch can be done with patterns. For example, here is such a wonderful version of the arch in the form of a heart. Please note. That her racks are also made of pipes.

So, there are a lot of options, it is up to you to choose.