Wedding ceremony decorations

Many couples now prefer not only to have a civil ceremony on their wedding day, but also to legalize their marriage in front of the church. The wedding ceremony is an important and beautiful ceremony that helps to reunite not only the bodies, but also the souls of those who are getting married.

On the day of the wedding, it is important that everything corresponds to the moment, from the clothing and mood of the newlyweds to the decoration of the church. Depending on the religion of the couple, they choose the stylistics of the temple decorations. Specialists of the company Accent-Decor will help you to organize the celebration in accordance with all the rules and rituals. Church is above all a symbol of purity and faith, and when organizing a celebration it is worth bearing this in mind. Accordingly, all the details should be more than carefully thought out.

Artistic elements that are used as decorations must match the general thrust of the church and add a twist to this sacrament of unity of souls, without distracting attention.

It is also worth considering that different religions use different colors for weddings in churches. For example, in the Christian faith, temples for weddings are usually decorated in the green and white colors.

wedding ceremony

The Rite of Marriage

If you decide that you want to get married, you need to choose a church. You should visit the chosen church and talk to the priest to discuss the possibility of performing the sacrament. In the Christian faith, it is necessary that both newlyweds be baptized and undergo the rite of preparation.

If the future spouses profess different faiths, they can be married in the faith chosen by both of them. However, permission from the other couple’s confession must be obtained. If you have successfully passed all these points, we can help you organize an unforgettable celebration.

Church decoration for the wedding ceremony.

Both fresh and artificial flowers are the best choice for church decorations. Arrangements with ribbons and shimmering crystals emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

Very harmoniously in a church will look, jewelry made of pearls and decorating with fabrics of light colors. With these, we can use them to decorate church pews for you.

One of the most important roles are played by candles. Our specialists and artists will make for your sets of wedding candles decorated with pearl beads and crystals. As we have a creative team, your accessories will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

You should take into consideration.

If you will be getting married in a Catholic Church, you should prepare your vows. You can compose them yourself or enlist our help and advice. Please note that the Catholic Church does not allow the possibility of divorce, while the Orthodox Church can give permission under certain conditions.

It is necessary to prepare mentally for the ceremony and to have the appropriate mindset. If the rite provides knowledge of certain prayers, they should be learned in advance.

There are a lot of nuances in every confession, which you can’t even guess, that’s why we recommend to appeal to professionals. Our staff will take into account all the details and help to make your wedding day a success and memorable for you and the guests for life.