Wedding dress decorations – how to decorate a dress?

The most important outfit for a woman is her wedding dress. It does not matter what color it will be: snow-white, lilac or a shade of champagne. It’s important that it emphasizes the bride’s natural beauty and emphasizes her individuality. To make the dress different from others, you can complement it with jewelry and thus make the image original.

Jewelry for the bride’s dress

The most win-win embellishment for the wedding dress is lace. This material shows the femininity and tenderness of the bride better than any other. The lace pattern can be emphasized by embroidering with beads or glass beads. This method of decorating an outfit came from the distant past and is still relevant. It is important that the lace and beads (glass beads) absolutely match in color. Thus, the effect of the openwork fabric will be strengthened, and the glitter of the beads will not attract attention to themselves.

A wedding dress with Swarovski rhinestones will perfectly emphasize the solemnity of the event. The corset, decorated with rhinestones, will shimmer and sparkle, making the image spectacular. When decorating an outfit with rhinestones, it is best to choose a matte fabric. They can be put also on the hem of the dress, and you can only put them on the belt.

A wedding dress with sequins is able to turn any bride into a real princess. Especially good sequin embroidery looks good on an outfit with a simple cut, for example, in the Greek style or A-silhouette. A shiny outfit is self-sufficient, so you should refrain from large decorations.

To make the dress look exclusive, it is not necessary to resort to a model of non-standard cut. It is worth choosing a simple wedding dress with a basque – flounces on the waistline, it will always look original, in addition, this detail will help to hide the imperfections of the figure in the area of the belly and waist.

Flowers on the wedding dress is a trend, “grown” from the fabric volumetric applications are at the peak of popularity. Such decoration helps to create a delicate and romantic image of the bride. Flowers can be arranged on the dress in the form of a volumetric garland of buds, or you can lay out a whole composition.

If you choose cornflowers, forget-me-nots or lilies for the decoration of the dress, they will give the bride’s image sophistication and emphasize the charm of the girl. Decoration in the form of roses on the wedding dress looks especially good on a snow-white dress, creating a clean and delicate image.

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Wedding Shawls and Shawls

If the wedding is planned for a cool season, an important detail in the image of the bride should be a shawl or kerchief, which can protect the girl from the cold. A bride in a wedding shawl, gracefully thrown over her shoulders, will not only maintain elegance, but will also be graceful and mysterious.

When choosing a wedding shawl, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the fabric should be natural;
  • the size should not be too big, but not too tight;
  • the color should match or be as close as possible to the color of the dress;
  • for the decor of the shawl you can use beads, rhinestones or beads.

The bride will need wedding shawls if a wedding ceremony is envisaged. The lace shawl will look best, but then the outfit should be simple, without additional embellishments.

For the winter time you should wear a kerchief trimmed with fur, this will make the image glamorous and protect the bride’s head from the frosty wind.

To the headscarf, which will be on the bride’s head during the wedding, you should buy invisible hairpins or hairpins in advance. It is important to secure the accessory to your hair, so that during the ceremony you won’t be distracted and you won’t have to constantly fix the slipping kerchief.

Attire for a wedding with a crown or a hat

All the attention will be riveted to the bride if her outfit is complemented by a hat or crown. Especially, such an accessory will suit those girls who prefer to adhere to traditions in fashion trends.

Wedding dress with a hat will add femininity to the image of the bride, make it more attractive and mysterious. The hat can be different shapes: round, oval or flower-shaped, unusual shape or with large fields.

Decoration in the form of a crown or tiara choose those brides who want to look real queens at their celebration. The image of the bride in a dress with a crown at the wedding is sure to attract everyone’s attention. When choosing a crown, you should start from the style and color of the dress and take into account the bride’s hairstyle.

The best look for the crown, made in the classical style with the use of Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia and rock crystal.

How else can you decorate the outfit?

If a girl has chosen a simple cut wedding dress, then it can be supplemented with a certain accessory to make it play in a new way. The decoration of the wedding dress can be made by yourself, or you can go to a master. This will depend on the complexity of the work. Simple beads in the color of the fabric can decorate the hem of the gown or corset. The veil and gloves, which are embroidered with shiny beads and shimmer in the light, look interesting. With the help of a belt or belt embroidered with beads, sequins or flowers can easily add sophistication and style to the image of the bride.

You can decorate the wedding dress with a brooch, it is enough to attach it to the bust or waist. It should be small and light in weight, so as not to spoil the outfit and not to interfere during the movement.

Since ancient times, there has been a tradition that newlyweds should attach a pin to their outfit, so that no one can jinx marital happiness. How many pins to pin on the wedding dress, there are many opinions, but experts say that it is enough to have one.

Now such a pin can be made of metal imitation of gold, as well as decorated with stones. It is recommended to fasten it near the chest on the outer side, so that it takes on negative energy.

Additional accessories for the bride

Another important accessory for the wedding dress is a purse or clutch. This decoration should perfectly match the overall style of the bride. For example, you can put a mirror and lipstick and a handkerchief in it, which will allow you to quickly correct your appearance.

If the bride’s dress has a deep neckline, the neck should be slightly hidden under an exquisite necklace. But you should pay attention to the fact that the jewelry should only complement the image, not become its center. If the dress is already decorated with a lot of rhinestones or sequins, you can opt for a small pendant. If the amount of jewelry on the dress is minimal, you can opt for a massive necklace.

If the wedding ceremony is planned for a hot summer day, the lady should take care of such an accessory as a wedding umbrella. It should match the shade of the dress, and should be made of light fabric or lace.

Often in the wedding dress is used such an accessory as mittens for the bride. These are gloves that have cut fingers and have a loop of thread, which is put on the middle finger, so that they do not slip.

Wedding dress with gloves – this accessory will be appropriate if the outfit is made with a puffy skirt and short sleeves. Otherwise, the gloves should be abandoned. Long gloves are suitable for a floor-length outfit with straps and with a train. In this case, they should be made of satin fabric or lace.

For the bride’s image to be whole and complete, it is necessary that the fabric from which the gloves are sewed should echo the fabric of the dress or its adornment. Not only the pattern or pattern should be the same, but also the shade.

There are a great many ways to decorate an outfit. The bride only has to choose among them those that suit her tastes and desires. It is important to adhere to a unified style in the image of the bride and groom, as well as not to depart from the themes of the wedding feast. Decorations can be made by hand, because it does not always require special skills. Or you can order from professional craftsmen.