What to ask the wedding coordinator. Top 10 questions

If at the very beginning of your wedding preparations you realize that you can’t do it alone, feel free to go in search of an wedding coordinator! And to help you, we have compiled a list of questions that you can ask at the first meeting.

1. Tell us about your experiences and projects you’ve organized.

Of course, we’re not asking you to listen to a long story about how the organizer 2-5-7 years in the business, what schools he graduated from and how many weddings he organized. It’s not a question of numbers, but of the approach and experience of the person who will be preparing your most important day. By what the expert says and what he pays attention to in his story, you can conclude what he pays attention to in his work: numbers, budget, plan or creativity and unconventional ideas; whether his projects are similar to one another or all very different.

2. What is the minimum budget you work with and what is your commission?

Every wedding coordinator has a minimum budget they are willing to work with, and the more reputable and experienced the professional, the higher that figure is. But sometimes even reputable agencies can work with a small budget – it’s important that it’s reasonable. Sometimes an organizer also won’t take on a wedding with a budget that’s higher than his or her minimum, simply because he or she realizes that the amount doesn’t meet the couple’s criteria and requirements. So always check to see if the budget meets your wishes and meets the organizer’s criteria. And also don’t forget to clarify how much the agency’s commission is: it can be a percentage of the total budget or a fixed amount.

3. How do you see our wedding?

This question will determine how much the contractor can sense your mood and character, your couple, how much he has heard your wishes and understood your dreams. He can sketch out a scenario for the entire wedding day, share some ideas for themes, wedding styling, or individual elements that will make the wedding exactly “yours.” Try to avoid someone who offers templates and ideas you’ve already used many times without relying on what you’ve described to him before.

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4. How is the preparation process organized?

As a rule, organizers who have already done at least a few weddings have a plan in place for working with clients. They understand the sequence of steps, how many meetings you’ll need, and the best order to schedule them in. Ask them to tell you about the whole process from the beginning to the day of the wedding. It’s great if the coordinator has some templates for projects: for example, timings of meetings with contractors or lists of questions at the venue. All of these will give you confidence in your choices. And if the specialist speaks confusedly and can’t articulate a clear plan, you should think about finding someone else.

5. We do not want to publish our wedding. Is it possible to stipulate this point in the contract with you and the team?

For a variety of reasons, you have every right to refuse to publish your wedding online and on social media. There may be public people among brides and grooms, or even guests, who don’t want to put their lives and vacations in the public eye. Or maybe you just don’t want your wedding to be seen and discussed by outsiders. If that’s the case, be sure to discuss the matter with the coordinator, and make sure the non-disclosure clause is in the contract.

Even if you don’t want to publish your wedding, consider allowing contractors to post at least pictures of the decor and details of the wedding day. That way they’ll have a chance to add to their portfolio without listing you as an actor in the wedding.

6. We want an unusual holiday format. Would you be willing to take on something like that?

The hardest part for any organizer, but usually the most interesting, are the non-standard celebrations! It can be a new venue, an unusual ceremony or wedding dinner format, a trip to another city or country. A true professional who is in love with his business will see a lot of possibilities in your words, and his eyes will light up. New unusual projects – it is not just a challenge to yourself, it is also a step towards new opportunities and horizons. And a true pro will never miss out on something like this!

7. Do you have a regular team of contractors that you try to work with? Can I see a list?

Typically, an established agency or studio already has a team that they work with most often. And that’s great! A proven team is a guarantee of success and your good mood both during preparation and on your wedding day, and it’s also a great way to see the results of their work in advance. If the team has worked together before, they have more than one project in their overall portfolio, and you have the opportunity to get fresh and real feedback from clients.

8. If we want to work with other contractors, are you willing to help us with that?

Even if the organizer has a team, it doesn’t mean that he works only with them. You have every right to ask to contact professionals other than the ones you’ve been offered. And if the organizer refuses to do so – that’s a reason to think about whether it’s worth resorting to his services. After all, the most important thing for any wedding coordinator is the couple’s peace of mind and making sure the wedding turns out the way they dreamed it would.

9. What’s the grandest project you’ve organized?

By which project an organizer considers the most grandiose, you can judge what he or she has already succeeded in accomplishing and what he or she is striving for. For someone who wants to start organizing weddings abroad, the most ambitious project may be a small wedding for 20 people at a villa in Tuscany, but for someone who dreams of being the first in his city, it will be a banquet for 400 people at the most expensive venue in town. If he has not yet taken on a wedding of your format, it will be a new experience and a great interest for the contractor, and if similar weddings he has already had – you get a proven script of work and peace of mind for the entire period of preparation.

If your wedding will be very large-scale, and the organizer has never taken on such large projects, be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of working with this pro. After all, he may have more force majeure in preparation and on the wedding day than a more experienced organizer.

10. How many people will be involved in the preparation for our wedding and how many will be with us on the wedding day?

It is very important to immediately understand the scale of the celebration and assess your own strength – this skill should possess any professional, and especially the organizer. The larger the celebration is planned, the more people should be involved in the preparation and the wedding day itself. Do not believe anyone who says that for a wedding of 150 people, he does not even need an assistant. It is unlikely that he has a realistic idea of what exactly awaits him on the day of the celebration. So be sure to ask your contractor about who will be working on your project, how many people will be with you on your wedding day, and who will be responsible for what.