How to make bridal veil

The bridal veil is practically the most important attribute of any wedding attire. Without it, the dress has a somewhat incomplete look, it adds elegance and charm. It is this detail of the festive outfit that can complement the magical image of a happy bride, making it original, refined and sophisticated. Any girl can please herself with an original and high-quality product, making a wedding veil with her own hands. After all, its sewing does not require any special skills, it does not require much time, as the veil is sewn from a convenient material – tulle or a special mesh, these tissues edges do not crumble, so they are much more convenient to work with.

Before purchasing the material and starting sewing, you should decide on the wedding dress, as the veil should be perfectly combined with it. After purchasing a magnificent garment, you can safely proceed to work. And it should begin with the right choice of fabric and decorative elements.

How to choose a fabric for the veil

The most wonderful option will be soft tulle or fine mesh, they do not crumble and fall down beautifully. They are easy to work with, even those who very rarely take up the needle with thread can cope. Other translucent fabrics such as: tulle, organza, lace or chiffon will also be suitable. Lace veil looks rich, original and elegant, it gives the image of the bride mystery and seduction.

What you will need for sewing the veil:

  1. Any of the fabrics listed above. Soft tulle will suit those who want to get a flowing, tiered product, and those who prefer a puffy version should choose tulle of high rigidity. It makes a solemn, one-layered veil.
  2. A thin needle that will go through the holes of the beads, beads or other details for decoration, as well as an ordinary sewing needle. You will also need thread of a suitable color and sharp scissors.
  3. A plastic comb or a hairpin with which to secure the veil in the hair. You can sew a veil using a plastic comb or a hairpin, it should be made of transparent or white plastic.
How to make bridal veil

How to sew a veil: sewing steps

First it is necessary to determine the length of the veil, as well as to think about the shape and opulence. These parameters will determine the material consumption. To select the desired length, the veil can be only up to the shoulders, and can reach the floor. It all depends on the desire of the bride.

Wedding product comes in different shapes, most often choose square, oval or rectangular.

1. In the shape of a square is the most popular option. It can easily be made in two layers, to do this, it is necessary to fold a piece of square-shaped fabric in half, and then collect with the help of a needle in the center of the fold. This way will not make any problems, it is characterized by simplicity and speed.

2. In the form of a rectangle – also stands out for the simplicity of sewing. It is necessary to cut a rectangular piece of fabric of selected length to get a rounded look. You can bend the fabric in any place, starting from the desired length of the product.

3. A veil of round or oval shape – this variant does not differ much from the previous one. It can be made of one layer, as well as of several layers. For a fairy-tale princess-style dress, a multilayered veil is more suitable, and for stricter variations you can choose a single or two-layered veil.

Once a piece of fabric of any shape is ready, you can attach it to a hairpin or comb. This should be done manually, using a needle with thread. Those who do not want to bother with sewing can use ordinary pins, pinning the veil directly to the hair.

The edging of the creation can be decorated with a satin ribbon, beads, beads or lace. The main thing is that this decoration is in harmony with the main outfit, as well as the jewelry of the future wife. Buying finishing accessories it is necessary to check whether they can be sewn on, whether the holes on them pass the needle. When attaching lace and satin ribbon, you should make sure that this decoration does not weigh down the veil, so the creation will remain beautiful and airy.

The pictures presented can help with the choice or inspire you to create a gorgeous piece that will turn any bride into the most beautiful and charming girl on the planet.