What to wear for a bridal appointment

Going to the bridal appointment as a guest, you need to take care not only about the gift and congratulatory speech, but also about your appearance. There will probably be a photographer and a videographer at the reception, who will capture the brightest and happiest moments of the creation of a new family. In this case, it is important to look sophisticated and dressy, understated and elegant, stylish and harmonious. Let’s figure out what to wear to the wedding guest, what to wear in summer or winter, what to wear as a bridesmaid, her parents, as well as the best men of the groom.

What to wear to a summer/winter bridal appointment guest

The basic rules are the same for everyone:

  • Do not wear white attire, as it is the color of the bride;
  • Do not dress entirely in black, hinting at mourning;
  • Avoid acidic “gaudy” shades;
  • Do not go overboard with sequins, sequins and jewelry.

The first thing to consider when choosing an outfit for a celebration is the seasonality of the event. To go to a wedding in summer, the man should prefer suits made of natural light fabrics: linen or cotton with a small addition of synthetics (they do not crumple as much). The color scheme is light pastel colors: beige, gray, yellow, blue. For hot days or away registrations on the beach or in nature, you can neglect the jacket, leaving only pants and a shirt. Instead, you can wear a stylish vest with a bright neck scarf or bow tie.

Women for weddings should choose outfits that are modest and elegant. Deep decollete to the navel and ultra-short miniskirts with deep cuts will look not just ridiculous, but really vulgar. And it has nothing to do with the heat. When the street is melting asphalt, the best option, what can go to the wedding of a girl, will be a light dress of chiffon or other lightweight material. A skirt length closer to the knee line or even to the floor will be quite appropriate. For the beach ceremony a sundress and a small neat hat will do.

In the cold season, it is better to choose clothes made of thick and warm fabrics in saturated shades. In winter, a man can go to a wedding in a wool or tweed suit in colors relevant in this season: bottle glass, red wine, deep blue. A three-piece suit in a bold vertical stripe or Scottish plaid will look interesting and stylish. For late fall will suit shades of coffee and chocolate, combined with beige, yellow and pale pink accessories.

Female fairer sex in winter is better to give preference to noble fabrics with a light luster: satin or velvet. You can complement the image with a fur cape or a stylish shortened coat. If it’s slushy and snowy outside, you’d better not wear dresses to the floor: after a walk they will be a sad sight. Midi length at this time of year is indispensable. Remember that there is no place for warm boots and boots in the banquet hall – take a change of shoes.

bridal appointment

What to wear to the bridal appointment for the parents of the newlyweds

The parents of the newlyweds are the second most important persons at the wedding ceremony, which means that the attention to them will be no less than to the bride and groom. Ideally, children should help their parents to choose a suitable look if they want their wedding photos to be harmonious and stylish, because the older generation is hardly aware of fashion trends and color concepts.

For adult men, fathers of newlyweds, it is better to choose classic suits of soft comfortable fabrics. The color palette is any: chocolate, green, gray, blue… The main thing is to choose calm deep shades and appropriate accessories: a classic wide tie and handkerchief to it, a leather belt in the color of shoes, cufflinks and a tie clip in the same style. The celebration in a narrow family circle can well do without a jacket: it will be replaced by a vest in the color of the pants or contrasting.

Mature women for their daughter’s wedding may well wear a suit instead of a dress. The main thing to remember is that it should be in the style of an English queen, not the office dress code. It is better not to use too bright shades, so as not to overshadow the bride: instead of carmine-red choose burgundy, instead of fuchsia – dusty pink. The pantsuit will also be appropriate, but it must be complemented by a smart blouse and small but expensive accessories: a string of pearls, diamond earrings or a stylish ring (not all at once).

If the mother of the bride or groom wants to go to the wedding of the children in a dress, it should by no means be above the knee. The optimal length is midi or maxi. In any season will look winningly ochre-golden shades, for the winter suit the deep pure colors: wine, blue, bottle glass. In summer, feel free to wear outfits in pastel colors.

What to wear to a wedding for a full woman? The answer is simple: no tight clothes. This is a taboo not only for plump women, but also for skinny girls. And in general, in a dress that sits like a second skin, to move, dance and participate in competitions will not be very convenient. Ladies with magnificent forms should focus on the breast, choosing dresses with an inflated waist or straight-line boxers. Drapery in the front will hide the excess. If the ankles are slender, you can safely open them.

What a bridesmaid/best man should wear to the bridal appointment

Adopting Western traditions, modern newlyweds tend to tell their bridesmaids and groomsmen in advance what colors and styles they should wear to the ceremony. However, if the time of the celebration approaches, and they are silent, most likely the choice is yours. In any case, it will be useful to know the general color scheme of the wedding, and then it all depends on your taste and imagination.

The main thing to remember is that the bridesmaid or maid of honor is in the first place the main helper, and only then the guest at the party. Therefore, the outfit should not be too long, so as not to get entangled in it with the bride. A knee-length or midi skirt is the best option. Choose light fabrics of light gentle tones, such as chiffon or lace with a lining. This will emphasize the youthfulness and grace without adding age, as heavy dense materials like velvet can do. Floral prints are on trend right now: petals flowing along the hem will give lightness and innocence.

The best man or the witness is also the right hand of the groom, and in terms of colors they should harmonize. It is not necessary to dress exactly like the newlywed, it is enough to take one color from his suit and buy, for example, such a tie, and the rest of the image unite around this element. You can order the same boutonnieres, but only the one of the witness will be smaller and more modest.

In what other than a dress, you can go to the bridal appointment

Today, fewer and fewer women have dresses in their closet, especially in large numbers. And sometimes there is only one, as they say, “for better or for worse. If you’re not marrying children or your closest friends, then you do not want to spend money on an expensive dress. In this case, you can pick up alternative options that can be together and separately worn after the celebration.

The first option is a stylish pantsuit or pants with a blouse. The bottom can be even a standard black or blue color, but the blouse should be luxurious and expensive. An office shirt will not do. Choose things made of fine silk, guipure, chiffon, satin with original trimmings of lace or tulle. Such an image requires a minimum of accessories – stylish earrings and a handy clutch.

Owners of a good figure can easily choose as a wedding outfit evening jumpsuit. Fashions and colors they can be very different, so it is easy to pick it for any time of year. Complement the image of a small handbag, a thin contrasting strap and shoes or sandals on a wedge.

The third option would be good for women of all ages and figure types: a top and a skirt. Young ladies can choose a fluffy semi-transparent skirt to the knees and a lace top with elegant embroidery, the older girls will suit stylish tops with a scoop or drapery in front with free falling skirts with asymmetrical edge. Ladies over 40 will look advantageous in A-silhouette skirt and shortened blouse with a small sleeve.