Decorating a wedding with balloons: how to make a balloon decoration for a wedding? Which type of balloons to choose: LED or large foil ones?

In the past, only the most hardworking newlyweds and their assistants approached the decoration of the banquet hall with enthusiasm. After all, they had to decorate everything with homemade posters, blow up balloons themselves, hang ribbons and artificial flowers. They might not have had to decorate at all.

Today, the abundance and variety of decorations boggles the eyes. Designers make and choose decorations for every taste and financial opportunity. But the most popular decoration is still considered balloons.

Decorating a wedding with large balloons, surprise balloons, helium, neon, turns even the most plain hall into an airy fairy tale. To decorate, they hire masters. Particularly creative couples decorate the wedding with balloons with their own hands.

Incredible look, LED products or balloons “Happy Wedding Day” on the ceiling. And properly decorate with balloons the yard, a small veranda or the place of the ceremony will help you an experienced decorator or review and study several master classes.

The variety of types of balloons for the wedding

Decorating a wedding with balloons is a great opportunity to transform any celebration, make it amazing, regardless of the chosen style and color scheme. There is a large selection of these simple but popular inflatables.


Made of latex, usually round or oval in a single color. With the help of these balloons construct figures, arches, patterns, garlands. It is the base and main material for creating interesting compositions.

Balloons with drawing

An excellent variant of decoration. Any words of congratulations, wishes, picture, names, dates can be put on the balloon.

Figure balloons

In most cases, balloons for weddings are heart-shaped. Usually red, pink, white or gold colors. Place them as a separate composition in the form of bouquets and fountains.

Helium balloons

Have any shape and kind. Pumped with a special gas – helium, balloons float under the ceiling. Decorators make interesting strings that connect the balloon with a weight. Thus placed several balloons to form interesting combinations.

Foil balloons, or Mylar

Made of special materials: fusion layers of polyethylene and surface metallized sputtering. They are especially durable, have a variety of shapes.

LED balls

Inside the ball placed small batteries with diode bulbs. They shine for two to seven days. It depends on the power of the battery placed inside. At the request of young, pick up bulbs glowing in different colors. Products with LEDs are also called the neon, but it is one concept. An incredibly touching moment will be the launch of luminous balloons on a wedding night.

decorating a wedding with balloons

Confetti balls or surprise balloons

A very popular and unusual variety – large transparent balloons with shiny tinsel placed inside. Hang such a surprise high on the ceiling and use a mini detonator.

At the most touching moment – the dance of the young, press the button on his remote control. The balloon will burst and all the tinsel will spin in a gentle dance of the bride and groom.

Balloons with tulle

Large balloons with helium wrapped in tulle. The image of a bride fluttering in the air is created. For a greater effect, bright tinsel and diode lights are placed inside. It is important to understand that the tulle should not hide the color of the balloon, but only slightly dampen it. Special attention should also be paid to the knot that fixes the wrapping. It is decorated with flowers and ribbons.

Giant balloons

A new trend in decoration. The peculiarity is that such a balloon, due to its size, looks like a complete composition. Select the color, placement, and the decor is ready.

Wedding balloon decorations – an affordable and versatile type of decoration

There are many options for wedding hall decorations. Before deciding on a choice, familiarize yourself with the main types of compositions. It will be easier for you to imagine what you want and explain it to the decorator.

In most cases, when decorating weddings, use the following compositions:

  • balloon chains;
  • garlands;
  • hearts, rings, swans;
  • bouquets of balloons on the table;
  • floor bouquets;
  • stands;
  • arches and pergolas;
  • ceiling decorations;
  • surprise or confetti balloon;
  • a wall for a balloon photo area;
  • giant balloons.

To make the wedding composition look spectacular, arrange each of its elements thoughtfully and carefully.

There are three main zones in the decor:

  1. The central table of the young people – this is the place where all the attention of the guests, photographers, video operators is concentrated. Therefore, all efforts should be focused on the decoration of this zone. Behind the main heroes of the occasion place a large composition in the form of one or two hearts, wedding rings, swans, build arched compositions. It’s worth thinking about combining balloons with fabric, ribbons and flowers.
  1. The guest area and the dance floor. There are many solutions in decorating this zone. The most common is the placement of so-called fountains or fireworks on the tables of guests. Take into account the length of the string, the balloons should not block the visibility of the guests.
  1. Above the ceiling, attach air garlands. Place one or more surprise balloons with confetti on the dance floor. Burst one during the first dance of the newlyweds and the rest for the guests. Free floating helium balloons on the ceiling is definitely an interesting solution! Add LED elements there and get an incredible effect. And the composition “bride and groom of balloons” will be amusingly swaying under the influence of air, creating the illusion of a dancing couple.
  1. Entrance to the banquet hall. It is decorated so that the guests will by no means pass by. Most often, arches or garlands of balloons are installed over the entrance, fountains and different figures are placed.

Master class, how to make a heart of balloons for the wedding with your own hands

The self-made process of creating a wedding heart from balloons will give you a lot of pleasure. And the creative work will bring the newlyweds together even more as a future family.

Before you get to work, think through the details. How and where will the construction be located? What color, what size? Will it be one or two hearts? Place it schematically on a sheet of paper. As an example, place one large heart behind the young, on the sides place bouquets of helium balloons with hearts. Choose a mounting option. If it will be without a frame, it is required to very painstakingly expose the shape of the heart to make everything look symmetrical. For a design with a frame, it is enough to tie the balls with strong threads. To make it, you need:

  • balls (the number depends on the size of the frame);
  • wire (no more than 3 mm);
  • duct tape;
  • threads.

Manufacturing process:

  1. From the wire, create a heart shape.
  2. Connect the edges overlapping and fasten well with scotch tape. Do not spare the number of skeins to avoid disintegration of the entire structure at the most inopportune moment.
  3. Proceed to make connections from the balls. They are called “fours”: inflate two balloons, fasten them with a rope, then attach another pair. It is most convenient to join when inflating, tying them together without string. Inflate in such a way that they do not push each other out, but also touch the edges tightly. Prepare such details about forty pieces. Sometimes there are more.
  4. After making the connections, proceed to their attachment. Take the first pair of fours, put on the base, so the wire went in the middle of the connection balls.
  5. Spin a couple of times to fix it. Repeat the action.
  6. And in this way place all the parts of the connection. Pay attention to symmetry.
  7. Spread the balls in the right direction.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult. Do not be afraid to experiment, watch a few video tutorials. Choose the best option for yourself. And then use the acquired skills to make numbers for the celebration of the anniversary of your firstborn.

Launching wedding balloons into the sky is a meaningful and beautiful ritual

The newlyweds of the world know a huge number of ways to launch “bright spots” upwards. Come up with yours. Figure out when the right moment will happen. Will it be in bright daylight? Or in the evening, when the sky lanterns will bring more emotion?

The most spectacular will be the launching of the glowing balloons at night. It will be an unforgettable spectacle: a bright flying cloud that cuts through the night sky. And under the ceiling of the banquet hall, they also look romantic and beautiful.

Of course, it’s worth thinking about quantity. And who will launch balloons: the newlyweds, each guest, or it will be the launch of balloons from the grid.

What do the newlyweds say while blowing balloons into the sky? Most likely, vows of love and fidelity. It is important that the spoken words-wishes come from the heart and were sincere.

To replace the old-fashioned ceremonies came another newfangled trend – the launching of the bride’s surname into the sky on balloons, launched in their own hands, as a symbol of parting with maidenhood and the entry into married life. What could be more exciting, provided the bride takes her husband’s last name? Attach a sign with the bride’s last name to the balloons, or order a stamp on one large balloon. Launch this symbol with the bridesmaids.

Balloons are probably a relatively inexpensive and traditional way for the bride and groom to decorate the wedding party. The event will have the illusion of airiness, and a variety of compositions will put attendees in a floating atmosphere.