Wedding tent

Weddings in the open air are gaining in popularity, replacing the boring buffets in restaurants or celebration at home. But the weather is difficult to predict and we can not always trust the forecast meteorologists. To make sure that the celebration was not marred by sizzling heat or pouring rain, wedding tents or canopies are installed at the site of the ceremony.

They protect from rain and sun, at the same time they are quite easy to install, it is possible to decorate, using different elements for decoration.

Organizing a wedding in a large wedding tent is a responsible matter, in which it is necessary to take into account many nuances and details. Therefore, often the young people turn to a wedding agency and order the installation together with the rental of tables and chairs for the banquet. Typically, this service goes along with catering – serving food and serving tables by waiters.

Marquees for weddings by the water or winter tents do not differ much from the usual, except for some nuances and additional heating.

wedding tent

Advantages and disadvantages of wedding awnings

However, marquees have both pros and cons.

The advantages of a marquee wedding:

  • Aesthetics. Wedding marquee looks beautiful, in addition, choose any shape and decorate in the desired style.
  • Originality. Still, the celebration in a marquee is still a novelty for many, despite its increasing popularity. You can hold your wedding in almost any theme under a canopy: a little drapery and decor, and the canopy will fit any celebration.
  • Mobility – install the structure almost anywhere: on the beach, in the woods or the field and easily moved if desired.
  • Offsite registration. A wedding in a marquee assumes a stay in the fresh air, surrounded by nature.
  • Capacity. The marquee can be installed in any size, for 50 people or more. It can be one big tent or several smaller ones, which will allow dividing the guests into zones for comfort and convenience.
  • Entertainment program. The marquee can hold shows and numbers that are not available for an indoor venue, such as a fire show or fireworks, launching balloons or lanterns.

Cons of the wedding tent:

  • Expensive. A large and high-quality marquee will cost the newlyweds a lot of money, also considering the cost of installation. Given that it is installed directly on the ground, more wooden decking is required, which in turn turns into an additional expense item.
  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. If it is too cold or hot outside, there are heaters or air conditioners installed inside, depending on the weather conditions outside. Again, this is an additional expense.
  • Lack of normal toilets. Usually, the agencies offer bio-toilets to order the tent, which is not always convenient and aesthetic. It is good if there is a camp or restaurant with toilets nearby, but the trip there and back can take time.
  • Impracticality during bad weather. If it’s pouring outside, the pounding of drops against the canopy will create noise that will disturb guests and the host. In very hot weather, even under a canopy, it can be stuffy despite the air conditioning.

Wedding marquee decorations

When ordering a marquee, it is worth remembering that in its original form, it is simply a fabric stretched over the ceremony venue. Decor will be needed to give it a twist. Marquee decorations for weddings can now be done in a variety of styles – Provence, Eco-style, rustic or boho.

What can be used in decorating:

  • Fabrics. In addition to the main material, the marquee is decorated with draperies.
  • Flowers. Floral compositions can be a great decoration.
  • Balloons. In addition to being used in the decoration, at the end of the holiday they can be launched into the sky.
  • Garlands. Floral or luminous, they will bring a festive touch anywhere.
  • Lighting. Lights can be hung from the ceiling or stand on each table to create a cozy atmosphere. Choose any form of light fixture – a candelabrum or a lamp in a fabric plafond. Scented candles will work as lighting.
  • Paper lanterns. Different colors and shapes, they will be a great decoration for any holiday.
  • Other decorations made of paper. Paper balls or origami cranes – there are many options for original paper crafts in the decor.

Do not forget about decorating tables and chairs for the banquet.

Make a marquee with your own hands

You can save the wedding budget by making a marquee yourself. This is especially relevant if the celebration involves a few guests.

To work you will need: wooden bars for the frame, fabric or polycarbonate for the roof and tools for work.

How to make a marquee for a wedding with your own hands:

  • Preliminarily, choose a place for installation, clear it and level the ground layer.
  • From a wooden bar to make posts-foundations and recesses under them on the site. Pillars should be immediately driven into the ground and covered with earth from above.
  • Make a “roof” out of a thick, waterproof cloth.
  • Construct rafters and a grid from thin wooden planks and fasten them to the racks.
  • Cover the finished frame with cloth, fix it with nails.
  • If necessary, make a deck of wood or carpeting.

After installation, the canopy can be decorated with flowers, draperies and other decorations with your own hands. Decorating marquees for a wedding can be anything.

A marquee or tent for weddings will allow you to hold the outdoor ceremony outdoors, without fear of the vagaries of the weather. Convenience, aesthetic appearance and many decor options provide not only comfort, but also the possibility of a themed wedding in any theme. A marquee is a versatile canopy that will fit into any landscape. You can make it yourself or rent it.