Wedding in the style of vintage

In recent years, among the various themes of the marriage ceremony in an unusual and enchanting atmosphere firmly holds such a wedding-scenario, as a wedding in the style of vintage.

Thereby, you can be virtually transported from the modern noisy metropolis to the elegant, sedate era of the last century. A wedding celebration with a hint of former luxury and glamorous chic is sure to be an excellent option for a young couple in love, nostalgic for the times when their great-grandparents lived.

Features and traits of the style

A vintage style wedding ceremony is a wonderful idea to celebrate the day of the creation of a new family in an exquisite and sophisticated way. Distinctive features of this theme for the celebration of the marriage ceremony are vintage, antique items, household items, jewelry and accessories.

Of course, it is almost impossible to arrange a wedding in full accordance with the characteristics of the style of vintage, if only simply because genuine antiques are fabulously expensive.

But you can try to create a setting, as close as possible to the part of the last century, in the theme and which will be organized by the celebration. And help in this case the following details:

  • aged (usually artificially), with traces of scuffs and peeling paint in some places, wooden furniture;
  • toys, like dolls, newspapers, suitcases, record players, all from the past century;
  • silver, copper, and bronze accessories such as candlesticks, napkin rings, and cutlery;
  • porcelain statuettes, crystal vases, white earthenware pitchers;
  • floral compositions of dried wild and garden flowers.

As a basis for the color palette for the decor of Christmas in the vintage style, take pastel, muted or washed out colors.

Perfect for this are pale pink, creamy, pearl gray, beige and soft green shades.

wedding in the style of vintage


To make the event really exquisite, sophisticated and elegant, you should first decide which time period of the past century will be the main concept of the feast.

And only after that, you should choose accessories and clothing from a bygone era.

Elements of hall decor

The ideal room for a vintage wedding would be a bright, spacious banquet hall with large, floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings.

It would be wonderful if the lighting were in the form of sparkling, luxurious chandeliers with pendants of crystal, and on the walls there would be a pair of mirrors in frames with imitation gilding.

Old-fashioned furniture is welcome – chairs with curved backs in Victorian style, massive chairs with carved legs. Separately, apart, you can put an elegant table in the antique style with a gramophone, a stack of records, retro-phone, ashtray, smoking pipe and a yellowed newspaper on it.

This corner would be a great option for a wedding photo shoot for the young couple and their guests.

Tables and chairs are draped with veil, organza or tulle in soft pastel colors.

Moreover, silk or satin bows of golden color can be tied on the backs of chairs, to give the atmosphere a glamorous chic.

Luxurious will look on the wedding tables twisted candelabra with festive candles, tea sets from fine porcelain, napkins with lace.

Bouquets of garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas look charming in vases made of crystal, porcelain, frosted glass.

Also for this purpose, you can use champagne buckets and metal jugs, such as bronze or brass, decorative cages for birds, painted in white.

Invitations, bonbonnières and other accessories

Making an original invitation for a themed wedding with your own hands will not be very difficult. Cards can be made in the technique of scrapbooking, which will only emphasize the sophisticated style of the celebration.

In special stores for creativity you can buy printed paper or try to age ordinary sheets with the help of steeped tea. It is desirable to write the text of the invitation with a gel pen, this will be an excellent imitation of ink. It is wonderful if the font of the letter will be intricate, with beautiful monograms.

Lace, beads, feathers, dried flowers – everything will be used to create a vintage invitation for the wedding ceremony. A pleasant surprise for guests will be nice souvenirs – baubonnierki in memory of such a wonderful event. In small boxes you can hide sweets, magnets, pieces of handmade soap, perfume-sachet.

On the role of cards for the seating of wedding guests is amazing old envelopes or retro-cards, small napkins, keys, with tied to them, nameplates. The main rule in decorating a vintage wedding is to use accessories that match the elegant antique style.

Using things made less than 20 years ago in the wedding decor is not acceptable. Otherwise, you will get not a stylish celebration, but a holiday in the style of second hand…

The image of the bride

The bride’s outfit is always distinguished by incredible charm, subtle tenderness and amazing femininity.

For a vintage wedding, it is best to choose a dress in white, cream, pale pink or beige.

Exquisite lace, beaded embroidery, glass beads, appliquéing flowers made of fabric – chic decor of the wedding dress for the bride.


Festive styling for a wedding in the vintage style implies neatly gathered hair in an elegant bun, which can be decorated with fresh or artificial flowers, a beautiful comb, studded with pearls or other semi-precious stones.

Instead of the veil, the ideal solution would be to use a lovely hat with a veil, which will give the bride’s image a bit of mystery and delightful charm.

Bouquet and accessories

One of the main accessories of the newlywed, the one for which all the girlfriends will line up in the hope of taking it home, is considered a wedding bouquet.

The floral arrangement is chosen in the tone of the dress and should be luxurious and discreetly elegant at the same time.

Terry peonies, garden roses, lush hydrangeas of muted shades are exactly what you need for a perfect wedding bouquet in the vintage style.

To complete the exquisite image of the newlywed in the vintage style will help lace gloves, purse-ridicule, embroidered with beads or glass beads, brooch-cameo.

How to dress the groom

The groom’s appearance should also match the overall theme of the event. Indispensable elements to create the image of the newlywed in the vintage style are:

  • Ties, namely such models as ascot, butterfly, plastron;
  • classic suspenders, can be old-fashioned;
  • an elegant vest;
  • a hat, for example, in the “à la gangster” style;
  • cuff links.

The shirt must be monochromatic. If the theme of the wedding requires, you can buy or rent a tuxedo.

Boutonniere do from fresh flowers, attaching to it any vintage element, for example, a locket or a key.

How to create a vintage look for bridesmaids and friends of the groom

To make a vintage wedding a success, you need to warn your guests about the dress code in advance and ask them to choose outfits that match the style of the event.

If the theme of the wedding involves the 1920s, evening dresses embroidered with glass beads and just below the knee line will be perfect for women.

Additional accessories would be gloves, long strings of pearls, chic Gatsby-style headbands or “Chicago” headbands.

Men will look like the “gang” of the groom if everyone wears the same color shirts and suspenders or vests.

Vivid details of vintage images of male guests will be pocket watches on a chain, hats. Vintage style is associated with elegance, fine taste and a sense of beauty. It is often confused with the retro theme. However, these styles have one significant difference from each other.

Namely: if in the retro-style you can use a modern imitation of antiques, then the vintage is still a real antique, ancient objects with “history”.

Wedding table – ideas for the menu, examples of cakes

The menu for a wedding in the style of vintage can be taken absolutely any, the best option will be dishes of European cuisine. The main thing here, adhere to the overall style of the holiday and serve the table in accordance with the chosen theme of the evening.

Dishes made of fine porcelain, cutlery made of silver or Melchior, elegant napkins with lace will help to recreate the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Taking out a wedding cake is one of the most intriguing and anticipated moments of the celebration. The confectioners’ creation should be tiered, delicate and airy.

A wedding dessert decorated with lace and beads of mastic, fabulous flowers of marzipan looks amazing.

Wedding photo shoot

The charm and charm of the vintage style must also be reflected in the photos for the family album. A great option would be to rent a retro car for the wedding photo set.

Almost in every city there are streets with buildings, built in the 19th century, old vintage lampposts, bridges with wrought iron railings. It is in such places that the most delightful shots are obtained.