Cards for seating guests at weddings: ideas for original signs with instructions for making their own hands

In planning a wedding banquet, in addition to the menu and the list of invitees, it is necessary to take care of how to seat guests. When placing them at the tables, take into account not only the age, but also the interests, marital status and even the mindset of each guest, so that everyone is comfortable throughout the celebration. To ensure that relatives and friends take their places at the holiday table designed for them, use seating cards.


Individual seating cards are beautifully designed cards that indicate a seat at the table for a specific person. They are placed next to the plate or attached to the stem of the glass. Such original accessories have already become an indispensable attribute of any wedding.

The seating cards at the wedding reception perform several important functions:

  • save time: it is much easier to find your place at the table with their help;
  • emphasize the care of the newlyweds about the comfort of their guests;
  • complement the festive table setting.

Choosing advice

The unique atmosphere of the holiday will give the cards, decorated with their own hands. But in the absence of free time for creativity, their preparation is entrusted to professionals. For many invitees, it is advisable to order cards in the printing house.

Choosing cards for seating, first pay attention to the style and color of the wedding. If the celebration is decorated in pastel colors, the index cards perform in the same shades. For a rainbow wedding, the use of bright contrasting colors is acceptable.

Most often, seating cards are made in the same style as invitations for guests and other wedding accessories.

The cost of the finished product depends on the design. The price for the simpler versions varies from 50 to 70 rubles. If you order cards from a calligrapher – from 80 rubles. The price for complex shaped objects starts at 100 rubles. The cost of items with additional decorations is calculated individually.

Design ideas

  • For decorating cards, different materials are used. The main thing is that they match the mood and stylistics of the ceremony.
  • For a rustic ceremony, wooden planks or pots with houseplants will do;
  • For popular fruity weddings, place apples, oranges, pomegranates, lemons on the table and attach cards to them;
  • For rainbow weddings, cards are attached to cupcakes with colorful cream or macaroons;
  • For a summer wedding, cards with berries are a great option;
  • For a ceremony in the romantic style, the names of invited guests are written on cards with an image of butterflies, birds or flowers;
  • For a winter wedding, use cones covered with gold or silver spray paint;
  • For weddings in the style of styling can be used imitations of old vinyl records;
  • In a classic version, the seating card with the name of the guest is designed in the form of a house.
wedding cards


A classic option for a placeholder at the holiday table is a postcard. Such seating cards are decorated with ribbons, braid or appliques. Inside you can write a few warm words for each guest, leave a wish or remember a funny moment from the common past. Beautiful and original cards will give the ceremony a festive mood.

For example, for a country or provincial style wedding, banquet cards are made using unusual fabrics. To give them a rigid form inside, insert a thick cardboard. If time permits, the names of guests are embroidered with thread.

On a stand

Banquet cards can be installed on separate stands, with special attention to its design. When choosing a holder, it is important that it fits into the stylistics of the wedding reception.

The basis are floral arrangements, fruit, pots with houseplants, statuettes. You can also fasten the card on a glass or decorative candle.

An original solution is to fix the banquet card on a bonbonnière. This is a beautifully decorated box, which the guest will take as a souvenir after the end of the buffet. In it, they put candy, cookies, cakes or any other sweets.


Banquet cards in the form of figures have to order from a professional. Making them at home is extremely difficult. These original accessories will impress the guests and decorate the venue of the buffet. You can order cards in the form of bride and groom’s outfits.

Shaped signs are made not only from paper but also from wood, glass and metal. This can be as an openwork paper butterfly, attached to the edge of the glass, or a cheerful bird made of tree bark.

Other options

And a few more original ideas for the wedding piggy bank:

  • From corrugated paper, make cards in the form of medals and hang them on the back of the chair;
  • Banquet cards using photos of guests – one of the most original options. Pre-printed frames are inserted into the cards and an inscription is added to them. In the future, the photo can be pasted into the book of wishes. So, each guest will be able to leave a wish for the newlyweds under his image;
  • You can fix the cards on miniature copies of furniture in the banquet hall;
  • A very romantic option – cards with the use of natural or artificial flowers – single buds, miniature compositions, small bouquets.

With their own hands

Deciding to make banquet cards with their own hands, keep in mind two things:

  • start making in advance, to have time to prepare all the pointers for the ceremony;
  • necessarily make a few spare cards, so that if necessary to enter the name of the guest manually already at the banquet.

The easiest option is the classic paper cards. Using scissors, they cut out a rectangle of the desired size. Then fold it in half and decorate it with prepared decorations, fastening them with glue, double-sided tape or stapler. A hole is made with a puncher and the guest’s name is attached to the ribbon.


Decorations for banquet cards are chosen individually. Ribbons, rhinestones, sequins or beads are excellent for a classic wedding. If the celebration is decorated in the maritime style, pebbles, seashells, coral are used for decorations. Decorations in the form of flowers, bows or applications will be appropriate for any wedding.

To make a pointer with their own hands will need:

  • paper or cardboard;
  • ordinary scissors;
  • glue;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • shaped scissors;
  • decorations;
  • hole punch.

Choosing a template

When choosing a template, pay attention to the stylistic and color design of the ceremony.

Pointers can be made in the form of birds, animals, favorite serial characters of the bride and groom or have any other shape. The choice of a suitable option depends on the imagination, craft skills and sense of taste of the newlyweds.


When developing the design, several important points are taken into account:

  • Banquet cards should be combined with other wedding accessories;
  • If the wedding is decorated in a certain color style, it is also used in the design of the cards;
  • The names of guests should be written legibly. If the text is printed on a computer, it is necessary to use a large font;
  • The size of the signs should be in harmony with the overall design of the table;
  • On the table, the cards should not get in the way and limit access to treats.

Types of Table Arrangements at Weddings

In the European and American version of a wedding buffet, guests are expected to be seated in advance. For the numbering of tables use not only numbers, but also the names of favorite bands, TV series, movies or cities. This option is especially relevant for themed celebrations.

Determining the number of guests and the room, choose the type of arrangement of tables:

  • The classic option is good for a small wedding. Guests are seated at one long table. If the guests are expected to be more than 20-25 people, it will be uncomfortable for them to communicate with each other;
  • In the form of the letter U – one of the most popular options, when at the head sit the newlyweds in the company of witnesses. Ideal for many guests in a small room;
  • In the form of the letter T or L – suitable for weddings with the number of invitees from 30 to 40 people;
  • To accommodate guests at a large, noisy wedding of 50 or more people, the tables are arranged in the shape of the letter W. It’s best to seat guests close to each other or group them by interest;
  • Buffet tables. Allow the bride and groom to get intimate with each guest. To make the newlyweds visible from any corner, their table is placed in the center of the hall;
  • Banquet in the European style. The tables are placed in staggered order. A separate podium is created for the table of the heroes of the occasion.

Some tips on seating guests:

  • The parents of the bride and groom, as well as witnesses, should sit next to the newlyweds;
  • The table at which the newlyweds are sitting is set in the most prominent place;
  • Men and women are seated alternately;
  • Colleagues at the table are seated according to their age and interests;
  • At a separate table should sit no more than ten people;
  • If there are many children at the wedding, they are assigned a separate table;
  • In addition to seating cards, there should be a large general plan for seating guests at tables;
  • People who come together should not be seated at separate tables;
  • Former spouses should be seated away from each other.

As a rule, guests are greeted at the wedding by an officiant. He or she is called upon for help if you have difficulty finding the right place.

Thanks to beautifully decorated accessories, the overall impression of the party is formed. Seating cards can be given to guests at the end of the party as a souvenir. To make the gift a pleasant surprise, it is necessary to follow the suggested recommendations and approach to the design of signs with all the soul.