Wedding arch: ideas for decorating the arch for the reception

A wedding is that holiday, at which every detail must be perfect. Great attention is paid to the wedding arch: some brides decide to decorate it with their own hands, others – ask for help from professional decorators. In any case, modern wedding decor allows couples to choose those decorations for the celebration, which reflect the taste of lovers.

We want to tell you what forms of arches for weddings offer modern decorators, as well as share the features of wedding arches made with their own hands.

Arch for weddings: shapes and types

In modern ceremonies, especially offsite, it is already difficult to imagine without this attribute. But it is very important that the design of the wedding arch is not just striking the imagination, but also corresponded to the general idea of the celebration.

Currently, there are several original forms of arches, which allows couples to choose really the option that they like the most.

wedding arch

Shapes of arches for the reception:

  • “Horseshoe” is the most popular type of arch. This form is especially worth paying attention to couples who believe in omens and superstitions. The horseshoe has long been considered a symbol of good luck and good fortune, in addition, the arched shape is a symbol of heaven, as if bringing the lovers closer to God;
  • “Heart” is one of the romantic arches, which will be an excellent choice for lovers who like to dream and “hover in the clouds”. The arch-heart can be made of balloons or a metal frame. As decorations, most often flowers and textiles are used;
  • A gazebo-arch will perfectly complement a wedding in a vintage style. A wedding arch of this form will fill the celebration with special comfort and coziness, emphasizing the gentle relationship in the couple. As decorations could be flowers, lanterns, candles and textiles;
  • Arch in the shape of the letter U. This type can be called universal. Depending on the design, the U-shaped arch will fit perfectly in a classic celebration, as well as be appropriate for an unusual off-site registration. Arches can be made of metal, wood, rods, etc. The advantage of this option is that such an arch for a wedding can be made and decorated with your own hands.
  • The quadrangular arch is another interesting variant of the arch. If you want, it can also be made by your own hands, if you, for example, plan a holiday in the rustic style. According to mystics, this shape bodes well for happy married life and prosperity, and quadrangular arches with roofs symbolize the protection of the marriage from the evil tongue and the envious eye;
  • An enfilade is a great solution for a wedding on a grand scale! The view of such an arch will not leave anyone present indifferent.

It is better to entrust the making of the enfilade arch to professionals, as it consists of several arches that form a kind of corridor for the newlyweds. It is believed that the enfilade-arch bodes well for the love and fidelity of the newly wedded family.

Due to the diversity of types of arches, you can choose this attribute in accordance with the stylistics of the celebration. Choosing to decorate your wedding with flowers, do not forget to add a floral touch to the arch decor as well. Stylishly decorated wedding arches will look great in photos and are sure to charm invited guests.

Arch decoration for the reception

Thanks to the imagination of talented decorators, the newlyweds are offered several options for decorating the arch area. Playing with combinations of materials, you can bring to life the most unusual ideas and ideas.

The arch for the newlyweds can be decorated:

  • Flowers. This method of decoration is the most popular. Depending on financial resources, flowers can be live or artificial. In the latter case, it is worth choosing a quality replacement for fresh flowers, so that the arch does not look cheap and unsightly;
  • Wedding arch of flowers will certainly fill the atmosphere with romantic notes and charming, gentle beauty;
  • Textiles. Choose fabrics, based on the theme of the celebration: if you are planning a calm and light ceremony, then for the arch choose light fabrics (such as organza or veil), but for a wedding in the rustic style natural chintz is perfect. Wedding arch of fabric can also be made of silk, fabric with ornaments, drapery material, velvet, etc. The main thing is that the textile should match the style of the celebration and be to the taste of the couple;
  • Greens. Recently, natural materials are gaining relevance. The tendency did not pass over wedding decorations. “Green” arches are lush, beautiful and unusual;
  • Branches. Nature gives us many options for original decoration of the holiday. And even branches can look stylish and attractive if they fall into the right hands. A wooden arch for a wedding is a great solution for a rustic celebration or for an eco-celebration;
  • Paper flowers. Paper is undeservedly considered among brides an unworthy decoration of the celebration. We hasten to change your mind! Paper decor can look beautiful, the main thing is to have the right approach to decoration. In addition, paper is a great way to save the wedding budget;
  • Pompoms. Another original solution for couples who want to make the celebration unforgettable. But pom-poms are better to choose for a themed celebration, at a classic celebration such decor will be extremely inappropriate.

Do you have your own unusual ideas for decorating the arch area? Do not be afraid to realize them! After all, you in the first place should be comfortable at your own wedding. Play with styles, combine materials and you will surely be pleased with the result!

The exit registration of marriage is always a fascinating and beautiful action, especially if the decor is thought out in detail.